Street Slang

There’s a long-standing mystery cluttering the thoroughfares of several cities throughout the Americas. The culprit? A series of street-embedded cryptic “Toynbee Tiles“.

The tiles started popping-up in the 1980’s and currently be found in many U.S. cities including New York, Baltimore, Chicago, Washington, DC, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh, with the most sightings coming from Philadelphia. There have also been sightings in three South American cities; Rio De Janeiro, Buenos Aires, and Santiago.   

The tiles typically have a variation on the phrase:

“Toynbee Idea, In Kubrick’s 2001, Resurrect Dead, On Planet Jupiter”

What possible explanation is there?  Let’s start with the basics…  

  1. Arnold J. Toynbee, a Brit historian, documented the rise and fall of civilizations.  
  2. Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey was one of the most popular and influential sci-fi movies ever and portrayed the woes of man’s dependence upon technology. Also, creepy space babies
  3. Zombies.
  4. The fifth planet from the sun. 

 Figure it out yet?

Among those who have studied the phenomenon, a popular suspect is James Morasco, a former Philly resident who had a documented beef with the news media, to go along with his apparent loose screw. The only problem with this theory is that Morasco died in 2003, while new tiles have continuously been sighted.  

 The tiles will surely be studied by the multitudes for years and years to come. Or, at least until the streets get re-paved. Personally, I’m putting on my tin-foil hat and studying up on my Klingon.




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