DoAsIWrite Grand Re-Opening

It has been too long.  Previously on D.A.I.W., I wrote of how I was in a work funk of sorts and was trying to find ways to break free.

Unfortunately, I ended up breaking free of blogging and digging deeper into the funk.

My bad.

I promise it won’t happen again.  My March resolution is to go no longer than a week without putting something up on here.

Now, I know what questions are sprouting in the fertile soil of the window flower box in your brain.

Isn’t this just an exercise in futility? Maybe.

Won’t this be pointless drivel that maybe 12 people will read (and that’s only if you really pump it up via your Facebook status)? Of course.

What size shoe do you wear? 12 in Converse and Nike, 11 1/2 in Adidas.

You didn’t really think of that last question.  I was using a comedic device.

Since this is just the first of many consecutive posts, and because my blog legs need a little stretching, I’m just going to go easy today.

The following are some things that make me go “hmm”.   This will give you a better understanding of me.  Enjoy.

Figure Skating Wrestling


High Definition Books

Tiny Hats

This Video

Competitive Pillow Stacking

The line, “Egon, your mucus”

Ensuring my living space is “Recession Proof”


Ensuring my living space is “Zombie Proof”

Thanks, bye.



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3 responses to “DoAsIWrite Grand Re-Opening

  1. A. Morisson

    Ensuring your living space is Zombie Proof should be first on the list!

    Check out my Zombie Research Society blog at:

    Hope you like it, and keep up the good work!


  2. Madz

    I read your blog. Also what skaters are they?

  3. I truly enjoyed reading through this post.Thank you.

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