Let’s Get Physical

Editor’s Note: The following post was produced on a phone while running on a treadmill at 7.5 mph.  Any spelling or logic errors are unintentional and (I think you’ll find) endearing.

Today we’re discussing fitness.  Firness is essential to living a long and happy life.

I’m .6 miles into a run and I’m feeling great! 

There is a very fit young lady in the row ahed and to the left of me.  She knows the value of a healthy lifestyle.  Yes, very healthy.



Ooops, she lookedm at me.  I smiled.  Awkward.

1 mile in, we’re on a roll baby.

Anyways, hte key to starting a new workout routine is being comfortable with yourself.

To acheive this, wear loose (but not baggy!) shorts and a tshir.  I also would look high and low for very suppportive shoes.

Speakin of which, my legs fee heavier than usuall.

1.7 miles

You can also workout to music that energizez you.  Right now I have Arcade Fire on.  They’re great!@

Is it hotter in here than an couple of minute ago?

if youre going to use an ipod, make sure you have a plalylist.  this means you dont have to mess with it.


2.2 mils

ANd keep a water bottle on hand.  Its for hydraton.  I forgot mine today.


Everone is looking at me,, must be runnig pretty fast. 

Hey fit girle, i see you looking over herew.  rawr.

28 mile

these ligths are really bright. 

you jsurft got to keewp runnig even whan it hruts. 


hey look ahow good i look..



(Break in entry)

Hey, only a 3 hour ER wait and an IV dinner later and I am feeling great!

Which brings me to my last tip: always bring proof of medical insurance to the gym.





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  1. pix


    i love it!
    you’re fantastic Mr. Forster

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