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Cue It Up: How To Make A High School Movie

OK, so some of you may know about this project I’ve been working on for some time now. It’s a documentary about a group of friends that used to make short films in high school.

It started out with just some skits in a basement being committed to tape. Over time, the videos started to become more rich in story. Eventually, they started “writing” and directing films and attempted to get them on local cable shows. This was before the internet video craze, so their work didn’t gain the exposure it deserved.

As time went on, the guys in the group started to turn their attention to girls, cars and college. Their final film “Cue It Up” was left only partially finished. “Cue It Up” is the story of a father re-uniting with (kidnapping, basically) his estranged son and taking him on a pool-sharking escapade through the underbelly of society.

My documentary, “Cue It Up: How To Make A High School Movie” catches up with the crew of filmmakers a decade after the cameras were shut off. Now, the group includes bankers, teachers, a soon-to-be lawyer and a graphic designer. They have their own lives, careers, social circles, families, etc. Can they be brought together to finish their abandoned pièce de résistance?


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